Who We Are

Establishing relationships to transform your industry.

Talent Acquisition


MR of St. Lawrence County is an executive-level recruitment firm founded in 1997 and focused on those industries we have built substantial connections and networks within, spaces we know and have watched evolve. We have nearly 50 years of combined industry and recruitment experience in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and electronic manufacturing industries. These areas are where our knowledge and the relationships we have developed over 24 years will serve our candidates and clients alike. These connections provide an essential bridge between today’s most innovative companies and the talented professionals who will take their organizations to the highest levels.

We are open and honest communicators, executive search specialists focused on providing the talent companies need to grow and the career opportunities professionals need to succeed.

01. For Clients

We are not a vendor. We are a trusted partner in our clients’ successes—a constant and consistent resource, an extension of their business providing the highest quality talent management services through a process proven to save precious time and resources.

02. For Candidates

When we represent a candidate, our goal is to find the professional environment that makes the most sense for you, one that will allow you to grow as a professional—companies that will value your skills, energy, and the passion you have for what you do.

Building teams. Building trust. Establishing relationships to transform your industry.

Discover what a real recruitment resource can do for you.